Why the Logo?

We’re glad you asked. As Hurdzan Golf Design enters this new era of leadership of Michael and Christopher, we wanted our logo to clearly reflect who we are, why we are different, and what clients should expect from us.

Hurdzan Golf LogoAfter much discussion and analysis with trusted advisors who intimately know the golf course design industry, it was concluded that the major differentiator from our peers is intellectual ability and methodical design processes based upon our advanced education, scientific and technological training, 50-plus years of golf course experience, and a vast knowledge of golf and golf architecture history.

So, we figured, what better way to say “Hurdzan” than to say “thinkers,” and what better way to say “golf heritage” than a bag of old clubs, and with those combined elements, you have the embodiment of our creative minds.

Just like what the game we love demands, the most important quality that Hurdzan Golf offers is critical thinking – combined with loads of common sense, experience and respect for the tradition and history of the game.