Golf Course Architecture Books

Michael J. Hurdzan, photo by Bill Cramer/Wonderful Machine

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A true mastery of one’s profession can be measured in many ways, be it wealth, recognition, clout, demand, etc. But perhaps the most honorable of all measures is simply the recording of such wisdom via the written word, not for personal gain, but for the intellectual stimulation of current and future generations.

Below, you’ll find a diversity of subjects opined directly from the mind of Dr. Hurdzan. Be it on the broad subject of golf course architecture, the specialist tome on golf greens, or an effort to codify the writings of past architectural luminaries into one review, there are few facets of the golf course left unaddressed.

Soon, another entry into this bibliography shall be made, chronicling his insights into a 30+ year as a highly successful expert witness to golf course related legal entanglements, tentatively titled “Safety, Security and Risk Management”, which shall cover case topics ranging from errant ball strikes to, perhaps stunningly, murder.

Golf Greens

History, Design and Construction

In response to continual and seemingly industry wide misunderstandings of the golf green, Dr. Hurdzan attempts to demystify and characterize, based on science and personal observation, the perhaps defining feature of any golf facility – the greens.

Golf Course Design

Inspired by Winston Churchill’s quote “books in all their variety are often means by which civilization may be triumphantly carried forward”, Dr. Hurdzan teams up with co-author, long-time friend and architectural legend Geoffrey Cornish, who began his career under the famed Stanley Thompson, to craft this illustrative work which serves as the first of its kind to establish the connection between the golf luminaries past and present and their respective writings on the subject of design.

Selected Golf Courses

Forward by Tom Lehman

This 383-page “picture book” provides a rare, behind the scenes glimpse of the stories behind some of Dr. Hurdzan’s and then business partner Dana Fry’s finest courses – the sites, the people, the challenges and the successes. Included as a “Coffee Table Classic” on Travel + Leisure’s  “The 25 Best Golf Books Ever”

Golf Course Architecture

Evolutions in Design, Construction and Restoration Technology

This once 1,200 page manuscript, pared to under 500 pages with the help (and red pen) of Ron Whitten, Golf Digest’s Senior Architectural Editor, has been translated into 5 languages and is considered by many to be the “modern bible of golf course design”.

Building a Practical Golf Facility

Endorsed by the PGA Tour, the PGA of America, the USGA, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and published by the American Society of Golf Course Architects, this book details Dr. Hurdzan’s time honored formula towards, as the name implies, building a practical golf facility.