Hurdzan Golf Design hired to implement complete renovation of Worthington Hills CC bunkers

Golf course renovation of bunkers begins in August. Total sand area expected to fall by 30 percent.

Worthington Hills CC Renovation, Hurdzan Golf Design
Worthington Hills CC Renovation, Hurdzan Golf Design

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Following a town hall presentation by Dr. Christopher M. Hurdzan, a partner of Hurdzan Golf Design, the membership of Worthington Hills Country Club (WHCC) voted in near unanimity to approve Hurdzan Golf to implement an ambitious, course-wide plan to renovate its sand bunkers.

Worthington Hills, a club with a robust membership base and known for its highly receptive attitude towards capital improvements, first approached Hurdzan Golf in late 2013 to gauge their interest in the project.

According to Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan, managing partner of Hurdzan Golf Design, “when good friend and Ohio State University All-American golfer Ralph Guarasci invited us to interview, I was honored that the club thought enough of our work to take on a project of this nature. Once I saw that the Bunker Renovation Committee maintained such a marked resolve to do this project, and to do it right, I couldn’t help but offer them my involvement. The recent 95% approval vote is simply more evidence of the financial commitment of the membership towards the golf element of their Club.”

General Manager Greg Steller confidently reiterated Dr. Hurdzan’s impression by saying, “I have never seen a group of members and staff more dedicated to a club improvement as our Bunker Committee has been. Once again our membership stepped up and supported making WHCC a premier club in Central Ohio.”

Worthington Hills CC Renovation, Hurdzan Golf Design
Worthington Hills CC Renovation, Hurdzan Golf Design

As with every architect-to-client interface, trust and camaraderie is paramount. James Cola, co-chairman of the Bunker Renovation Committee and WHCC Superintendent, described this essential relationship in one word: partnership. “Our partnership with Hurdzan Golf has been a tremendous benefit to Worthington Hills and our bunker committee. Their experience, vision, and execution to date have been invaluable, and we are excited with anticipation to see our final bunker renovation product.”

“Worthington Hills is the consummate American country club that is far more concerned with family and fun than pretense and rules – which is why their business model will continue to be so very successful,” Christopher Hurdzan said. “The layout of the course is strong, particularly the green complexes, but years of erosion and contamination have compromised the sand bunkers, and they simply do not meet with the club’s standard of excellence. This means no bunker is considered sacrosanct, and this unique freedom to add, subtract and modify the sand element of the course is what will allow us to make such a dramatic difference in the visual aura and strategic integrity of the course.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in early August and be completed in December. The course will be open for play over the duration of the project. Total sand area is expected to fall by 30 percent, with a noticeable impact on playability and course strategy.

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  1. This project is setting WHCC into a different league with the design, implementation through coordinated construction efforts, thoughtful use of the physical plant, and the Hurdzan expertise. I only hope WHCC agrees to have the Hurdzan group be the permanent firm identified with that golf course now and into the future. What a great experience we are having and the course is the best it has ever been!!!

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