Private Courses


Private Courses. All Original Designs.

For over a century the North American country club has been a symbol of achievement – of exclusive dining, golf, tennis, swimming or sophisticated socializing – a true bastion for elite, like minded people. The country club also is often made up of an intimate circle of family and friends with common interests, backgrounds and expectations, who pool their resources to provide a lifestyle above the norm. That generally includes their golf course. Some resorts and up-scale daily fee golf courses claim an equal experience and have gone so far as to market themselves as a “country club for the day.” However, the complete experience offered by a mature, established private club remains unrivaled, and the “members only” concept connotes something special.


Hurdzan Golf Design has been blessed to have been involved with some of North America’s finest country club golf courses – both in the creation of new and the sprucing up of old. As one might expect, the design of country club golf courses can differ markedly from that of daily fee courses. This difference begins with the assumption that the majority of country club golfers are initiated to the game, they have traveled a good deal and have played many noted top courses, often globally. In turn, they expect the superior and they have developed a level of connoisseurship that transcends the ordinary.

To meet with those expectations, the country club course we create is a little more demanding, the visual presentation is heightened, and we often employ finer materials and methods in the construction process in the name of firmer, faster, more consistent playing conditions. Ultimately, each round of golf must offer the opportunity of a valued memory and a mental exercise seemingly fresh and unique. The greens are more strategically designed with deliberate, defined target areas of varying degrees of difficulty. Tees are placed not only at different lengths, but also at varied played angles. Bunkers can be made more demanding than on public courses, and the integration of natural resources such as water hazards and native areas are intended to inspire as well as represent formidable hazards.

In short, the country club experience must be an explicitly overt step up from the more easily accessed golf facilities. Hurdzan Golf Design has proven it possesses the creativity and knowledge to deliver an experience of that stature.