Renovated Courses


Renovated Courses

Our approach to golf course renovation is simple: Don’t make changes, make enhancements – slowly, delicately and strategically, per the wishes of the membership.

We adopted this philosophy nearly 50 years ago from the teachings of the firm’s founder and ASGCA past-president Jack Kidwell, who likened the renovation process to restoring a treasured family heirloom. “Never change what is underneath. Instead, gently, lovingly remove the layers of age to reveal the true beauty that time has since covered.” This is where our approach differs from many of our equally talented colleagues, who remain curiously eager to put their mark on the course, often at the expense of the original design.


If our approach seems simple, almost intuitively straightforward, that’s because it is – renovations are not about us, they’re about our clients. Although this approach may appear to lack in romance, it is more than made up for in the boundless magic and untold adventures we’ll experience together along the way. From our extensive research and analysis phase to uncover the history of the club, its people, its dreams and its architect’s vision to the first mowing, we transition from mere architect to a custodian of your unique heritage.

We’ve found that the most successful renovations are those upon which the membership looks back and wonders what we did. And to this we proudly say “not much,” for, in truth, it was what we helped each and every one of you to do.