There are two approaches to any restoration…

1. Author a vacuous facsimile of the original design using historic photographs and personal testimonies.

2: Use those same resources to evolve the design into the 21st century in harmony with the original designers intent. This latter approach is best embodied by the car manufacturer Porsche AG with their iconic 911 Turbo, currently in its 40th year and 7th generation of development. While we have great admiration for the original 930, we would much prefer the current iteration as our daily driver.

Porsche 911Targa Evolution

The Iconic Porsche 911.  Perhaps more than any other modern car, is clearly a lineal descendant of its original forebear.

Thus, if your Club exists not as a museum piece, but rather, to elicit pleasure and enjoyment, and with modern equipment and modern membership expectations, we respectfully ask that you allow us to demonstrate our “evolution with intent” approach…. just as the original designer himself would.